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"If you play D1 you're a stud. If you play D2 you're a stud. If you play D3 you're a stud. If you play NAIA you're a stud. If you play at a JUCO you're a stud. ONLY 7% OF HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES become college athletes, it doesn't matter what level you're at. Be proud, BE GRATEFUL!"

NCAA Baseball Probability of Competing Beyond High School

The Dos And Don'ts Of Recruiting

  1. Search for schools that you are interested in that will challenge you academically, provide a social experience you are looking for and meets your athletic goals (ie playing time, culture, etc.)
  2. Look at schools at every division. It is important to keep your options open. The more the merrier.
  3. Respond to all emails, phone calls and texts from schools that you are not even interested in. You never know whom that coach knows or where he will be in a few years.
  4. Follow up with coaches every 2-3 weeks if they do not respond to your preliminary emails. It is important to stay on their radar and more times than not, they miss the preliminary emails.
  5. On that note keep your emails short and sweet. Coaches get around 50-100 long emails daily and will pass on yours if it is just like the rest.

  1. Don’t write emails like you speak. Example: Hi Coach (Name) not hey what’s up coach. This goes for texts as well.
  2. Don’t reach out to a coach via phone if he has not reached out to you first through that platform.
  3. Don’t go to a showcase you were invited to if you are not interested in that school, or any schools, that are part of it. It is a waste of time for both parties.
  4. Don’t commit to a school and not inform the other schools you were in communication with in regards to your commitment.

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