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Slammers Major League Players Camps

Slammers Training Academy has been host to multiple camps conducted by Major League Ballplayers, as well as being a winter training home to dozens of Professional Ballplayers. Since our Slammers Illinois facility opened in 2008, we have had many Big Leaguers train local players. With 4 Former Major Leaguers working on our training staff, the premier Instruction at Slammers is unique and relative to each player. Here are some of the Camps that Slammers has hosted since opening:

Gary Bennett Skills Camp (January - February, 2008)

Conducted by Gary Bennett (13-Year MLB Veteran & Co-Owner of Slammers Illinois)

Ryan Theriot Hitting & Fielding Camp (January 20, 2008)

Conducted by Ryan Theriot (8-Year MLB Veteran & World Series Champ 2011 & '12)

Aaron Miles Summer Camp (June 15-18, 2009)

Conducted by Aaron Miles (9-Year MLB Veteran)

Ryan Dempster Summer Camp (July 7-9, 2009)

Conducted by Ryan Dempster (16-Year MLB Veteran & MLB All-Star in '00 & '08)

Ripken Baseball Camp (January 31, 2010)

Conducted by Cal Ripken Jr. (MLB Hall of Famer) & Billy Ripken (12-Year MLB Veteran)