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Slammers Training Academy is adjusting their Fall Program for 2023 for players looking to prepare for the 2024 season. Incoming 1st & 2nd Graders still have the opportunity to participate in our 8u Fall Instructional Program (Sept 10th - Oct 15th) on Sunday's.

Slammers Fall League for incoming 3rd - 6th Graders is broken down into 2 age/skill levels (3rd/4th & 5th/6th Graders). We will be focused on developing TRAVEL ONLY ball players, this program will will be focused on instructional baseball. Players will practice once/week and play locally on Sunday's. Our main focus is transition to full rules baseball and playing on the bigger fields, so Slammers feels these are the most important years for growth and not just playing games.

Slammers would like to prepare incoming 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th Graders for the best competition in the Fall as that is the next part of the development path. We will be compiling TRAVEL ONLY ball players into teams to compete in the Wheeling Fall League for these ages this coming Fall. Registration will close JULY 20th, so please register at your convenience. Approx dates will be weekends of August 12th - October 1st/8th, depending on league availability games may be on Saturday's or Sunday's (15u will be Sunday)

League Dates: August 12th/13th - October 1st/2nd

- Incoming 6th Graders (this Fall): Register for 12u
- Incoming 7th Graders (this Fall): Register for 13u
- Incoming 8th Graders (this Fall): Register for 14u
- Incoming 9th Graders (this Fall): Register for 15u

Incoming High School Players - Slammers HS Fall Program
Slammers would prefer HS program players interested in playing Fall Baseball to develop with our Fall program before the importance of games during this season. Contact Frank Berry for more information.

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