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Hank Schau

Pitching & Skills Coach

Hank graduated from Maine South High School in 2015, where he played varsity baseball for three years. During his time there, he won 11 games as a pitcher and started his junior and senior years in the outfield. He helped his team win a regional championship in his junior year. In his senior year, he was recognized as an all-area honorable mention. After high school, Hank continued his baseball career at Madison College, where he improved his pitching skills significantly. He finished with a winning record of 9-4 across 84 innings pitched over two years.

Hank started coaching as the JV pitching coach at Glenbrook North High School in 2021. In 2023, he was the varsity pitching coach for Dom Savino's Spartans. During that time, the Spartans won the conference and regional championships, ending the season with an impressive record of 27-9.
Currently, Hank is in his first year as the pitching coach at Harper College. If you are interested in lessons, you can contact Hank via email ([email protected]) for scheduling information.

Hank's Training Costs:

Private Lesson (30 min/each)
Member/Program: $50.00
Non-Members: $60.00

Group Training (1 hour/each)

2 Players: $60.00/player
3 Players: $50.00/player
4 Players: $40.00/player

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