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Aron is 2013 graduate from Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire. Aron played his Freshmen and Sophomore year until taking on a role as the student manager on Varsity for his Junior and Senior year. Following his graduation from Stevenson, Aron attended the University of Missouri, where he was an undergraduate student assistant where his focus was working with the hitting and pitching coaches to develop the best systems for the players, throwing batting practice and helping with scouting opponents.

Post college, Aron landed a job on the Detroit Tigers Player Development staff. With the Tigers, Aron worked in many different areas. Mainly as a vital assistant to the hitting and pitching coaches integrating analytics and video with mechanics. Aron's knowledge of both analytics and mechanics made him a valuable asset in the Detroit Tiger's minor league system. Other things Aron worked on was advanced scouting (scouting opposing pitchers and hitters to develop a game plan), defensive shifting.

Working with a lot of high level major league coaches and players in all aspects, Aron gained valuable experience working under the game's brightest minds. Aron now enjoys giving back his knowledge and experiences to all players that come through the Slammer's doors.

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