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Slammers Illinois Alumni

Slammers is proud to provide the home training facility that have been part of the following players' successes and attributions. Slammers' dedication to the overall excellence in training and focus on each individual player has enabled us exclusivity from any other academy in the area. Over 250 collegiate or professional players have either contributed to or are a part of the organization and it's growing success and popularity in the local communities.


Slammers Training Academy (since it's inception in 2003 as MVP) would like to thank each of the following players that either were employed by, aided in the development of, been provided a home training facility or associated team for all those listed and proud to be a building block for all future players. We would like to take the time to thank each of those listed players and their families for providing the necessary things for these players to excel to the next level.

Players Name (HS Year): College // Drafted

Josh Albers (2007): Carthage College

Ricky Alfonso (2011): Indiana University

Matt Allen (2013): University of Iowa

Max Allen (2011): Georgetown University

Brad Altbach (2006): Bradley University

Eli Anderson (2010): Northern Illinois University

Leo Anderson (2022): John Hopkins University

Nick Angel (2018): Dayton University

Ryan Antrim (2020): Carleton College

Steve Antrim (2020): Carleton College

Brady Arenson (2012): Coastal Carolina / Florida Southern College

Robert Archbold (2017): University of Illinois-Springfield

Mark Ash (2012): Winona State University

Troy Barton (2009): Eastern Illinois University

Anthony Baumgart (2017): Albion College

Dan Bedore (2013): Wartburg College

Garrison Bennett (2019): University of Missouri

Gavin Bennett (2021): University of Illinois

Gary Bennett (1990): * DRAFTED // Phillies (11th Rd)

Frank Berry (2006): Bowling Green State // Twins (43rd Rd)

Dominic Biagini (2010): Western Illinois University

Charlie Bien (2022): Dickinson College

Kyle Bock (2013): Trinity International

Nick Bonk (2018): Northern Illinois University

Joey Bonnadonna (2003): University of Illinois

Jacob Booden (2008): Bradley University // Cardinals (UFA)

Ray Borucki: Phillies (UFA)

Ryan Borucki (2012): Iowa // Blue Jays (15th Rd)

John Bradley (2001): Lewis University

Ben Browdy (2013): Washington University

Bryan Bund (2015): Eastern Illinois University

Matt Burch (2016): University of Arkansas

Jacob Buysee (2022): University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Liam Carter (2014): University of Missouri

Jean Casanova (2016): Texas Rangers (36th Rd)

Luke Chlystek (2020): John Carroll University

Jordan Chudacoff (2011): Georgetown University

Jonathan Ciullo (2022): Illinois Wesleyan University

Jason Cohen (2009): DePauw University

Jaden Cole (2022): Denison University

Eric Coletto (2013): Winona State University

Kyle Colletta (2013): Northern Kentucky

Cole Collins (2022): Babson College

Matt Collins (2016): Cornell University

Tom Concklin (2013): Washington & Lee (VA)

Marc Corigliano (2010): Rhodes College

Neal Cotts (1998): Illinois State // Athletics (2nd Rd)

Cal Coughlin (2016): Texas Christian University

Nick Coutre (2012): Villanova University

Jack Czeszewski (2012): Illinois State University

Steve Danielak (2010): Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne

Jon Day (2009): University of Evansville

Matt Dittman (2006): University of Illinois

Chris Divarco (2010): Northern Illinois University

Jason Donohue (2020): Augustana College

Reese Dolan (2016): Southern Illinois University

Dylan Drumke (2020): Eastern Illinois University

Joey Eichmann (2011): Purdue University

Tommy Endres (2009): Fullerton CC (CA)

Tyler Esplin (2017): IMG Academy (FL) // Red Sox (7th Rd)

Tyler Feece (2013): Illinois State University

Pat Feeney (2002): Butler University

Zach Fell (2020): University of Indianapolis

Colin Fields (2018): Valparaiso University

Scott Firth (2009): Clemson // Orioles (36th Rd)

Ben Fitzgerald (2017): University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Jon Fixler (2004): Indiana University // Astros (19th Rd)

Brandon Frankel (2020): Ohio Wesleyan

Christian Friedrich (2005): Eastern Kentucky // Rockies (1st Rd)

Kyle Frischmann (2002): Lewis University

John Forsythe (2012): UC Riverside

Stephen Galanopoulos (2012): DePauw University

Alex Gamache (2017): Georgetown University

Mateusz Gapinski (2022): Carthage College

Adam Glogovsky (2012): Illinois Wesleyan University

Steve Godawa (2007): Valparaiso University

Chris Godinez (2011): Bradley University

Ian Goldberg (2007): Tufts University

Jason Goldstein (2012): University of Illinois

Tyler Goldstein (2009): Johns Hopkins University

Rob Goldstick (2008): Eastern Illinois/Endicott

Max Golembo (2012): Washington University

Matt Goll (2008): Oakton CC

Harrison Goonwardene (2014): University of Washington

Dan Gooris (1997): Creighton // Reds (8th Rd)

Andrew Gough (2018): Middlebury College

Charley Gould (2011): William & Mary

Jimmy Govern (2015): Eastern IL University // Royals (30th Rd)

Riley Gowens (2018): University of Illinois

Mikey Gray (2022): Denison University

Robby Gray (2020): Tufts University

Noah Greenberg (2014): Concordia University

Isaac Greenspon (2011): Stetson / University of Illinois

Mike Guinane (2008): Georgia College & State University

Patrick Guinane (2010): Butler University

Joe Gulans (2021): Flagler College

Lucas Hadding (2019): Grinnell College

Caleb Haddon (2017 ): DePauw University

Caleb Haley (2012 ): College of Lake County

Luke Harrison (2011): Indiana University

Adam Harvey (2014): Cornerstone University

Jack Havey (2009): Northwestern University

Scott Heelan (2010): Virginia Tech University

Alex Hermeling (2011): Louisiana-Monroe // Dodgers (FA)

David Holmes (2008): Denison College

Dylan Holmes (2022): Triton College

Micah Holzwarth (2018): Hope College

Jack Housinger (2018): Xavier University

Owen Housinger (2022): University of Wisconsin - Osh Kosh

Wilson Irvin (2021): Sewanee: The University of the South

Danny Jansen (2013): * DRAFTED // Blue Jays (16th Rd)

Jeff Johnson (2010): Illinois Wesleyan University

Cooper Johnson (2016): University of Mississippi // Tigers (6th Rd)

Luke Johnson (2014): Bucknell University

Luke Joyce (2010): University of Illinois

Eric Kaplan (2022): Millikin University

George Karkazis (2015): University of Miami (OH)

Jack Karras (2012): Emory University

Cory Kay (2011): University of Houston

Danny Kelley (2011): Tennessee-Martin University

Scott Kelley (2005): Penn State // Royals (23rd Rd)

Danny Kelly (2014): Illinois Wesleyan University

Pat Kelly (--): * // Braves (7 yrs)

Michael Kelly (2022): Ave Maria University

Tanner Kelly (2019): Illinois State University

Ryan Kennedy (2011): Valparaiso University

Sean Kennedy (2009): Valparaiso University

Pat Kenney (2012): Purdue University

Thomas Kenney (2020): St. Thomas University

Tristan Kerr (2022): Benedictine University

Evan Kiah (2018): Lafayette College

Andrew Kim (2019): University of Illinois

Ryan Klainos (2019): Valparaiso University

Greg Kloosterman (2000): Bethel College // Brewers (9th Rd)

Tom Knauss (1992): * // Twins (2nd Rd)

Mikey Kocen (2020): Triton College

Riley Kocen (2018): Triton College

Steven Konsler (2006): University of Dayton

George Kontos (2007): Northwestern Univeristy // Yankees (5th Rd)

Anthony Kopp (2009): Illinois Wesleyan University

Clay Kovac (2003): Michigan St./Indiana St.

Ian Kristan (2014): Bradley University

Brant Kym (2017): Hope College

Ben Land (2017): DePauw University

Jack Landwehr (2012): Illinois State University

Taylor Langtry (2014): Bucknell University

Corey Lasky (2010): St. Xavier University

Matt Lawrence (2012): Lafayette College

Caleb Leach (2012): Parkland College

Austin Leggett (2011): College of Lake County

Cody Libman (2011): Northwestern University

Jordan Litke (2017): North Central College

Connor Lockwood (2021): Valparaiso University

Keenan Long (2005): Northwestern University

Gabriel Lopez (2022): Kishwaukee College

Danny Lubelfeld (2017): Grinnell College

Nick Lumley (2011): University of Illinois

Connor Lutes (2021): Northern Illinois University

Sean Lynch (2019): Eastern Illinois University

Ben Mahar (2011): Valparaiso

Chris Maranto (2012): Butler University

Brad Margolin (2013): Washington University

Daniel Marks (2017): Rockhurst University

Chris Marras (2012): Butler University

Nick Marras (2017): College of Lake County

Tyler Marson (2019): University of Wisconsin - Osh Kosh

Michael Martin (2011): Harvard University

Tim Matheson (2008): Butler University

Cam McConnell (2007): Notre Dame

Jack McCullough (2017): United States Military Academy

Andrew Meister (2008): St. Louis University

Brandon Meister (2006): Miami of Ohio

Jonathan Menke (2009): University of Rochester

Will Michalski (2017): University of Wisconsin-OshKosh

Nate Mieszkowski (2021): Missouri Southern State College

Austin Miller (2011): Butler University

Derek Mitchell (1993): Triton JC // Tigers (32nd Rd)

Coby Moe (2019): Northwestern University

Dan Molnar (2006): Emory

Nick Morreale (2009): Northern Illinois University

Caden Morton (2022): Milwaukee School of Engineering

Drake Morton (2020): Indiana Wesleyan University

Jeff Morton (2018): Triton College

Brendan Murphy (2017): Arizona State University // Brewers (4th Rd)

Matt Murphy (2010): Southern Illinois University

Ryan Myers (2003): Northwestern University

Chris Myjak (2012): Wisconsin-Whitewater

Ryan Nagelbach (2020): University of Illinois-Chicago

John Nassion (2009): Bradley University

Mike Nilles (2003): Indiana University

Kevin Nelson (1999): University of Illinois (Chicago) // Yankees (8 yrs)

Brandon Nowak (2015): Louisiana State University

Cade Nowik (2022): Denison University

Sam Nozicka (2016): University of Memphis

Jesse O'Connor (2010): Air Force Academy

Michael Oh (2016): Creighton University

Sam Paden (2020): University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Jason Pankau (2007): Illinois Wesleyan

Bryan Park (2022): Loras College

Ryan Patel (2018): Saint Louis University

John Pelles (2008): Trinity University

John Petty (2018): North Central College

Eddie Pietschmann (2017): University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Scott Plaza (2010): University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Andrew Plunkett (2015): Cedarville University

Luke Plunkett (2018): Luther College

Adam Pottinger (2020): Triton College

Nick Presutti (2019): Benedictine University

Joe Pudlo (2008): St. Joseph's

Mike Pudlo (2010): Loras College

Tyler Radtke (2011): Villanova

Anthony Ranallo (2020): Coe College

Jonmarc Ranallo (2022): Rhodes College

Joe Rangel (2017): Oakton CC

Brennan Reback (2017): Central Arizona College

J.R. Reimers (2014): Northwestern University

Peter Resnick (2012): Bradley University

Alex Restreppo (2022): University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Dylan Rheault (2010): Central Michigan // Giants (FA)

Jack Richmond (2012): University of Iowa

Jimmy Risi (2008): Kansas State University

Michael Rivera (2021): Heartland Community College

Matt Robertson (2021): Illinois Wesleyan University

Matt Robin (2009): Ohio

Adam Robinson (2010): Michigan

Michael Rogers (2013): Augustana

Ari Rosen (2020): Rose-Hulman University

Jordan Rosenberg (2007): Claremont-McKenna

Seth Rosenberg (2013): University of Rochester

Kevin Ross (2012): * // Pirates (8th Rd)

Jake Rubin (2012): Wabash Valley College

Kyle Ruchim (2010): Northwestern

Rocky Saavedra (2012): Lindenwood University

Jim Sakas (--): Illinois State

Colin Sallee (2008): Washington Adventist University

Steven Sanchez (2018): University of Arkansas

Joe Santoro (2016): Army

Brad Sashko (2003): Illinois State

Jon Savarise (2012): Northern Illinois

Mason Schaller (2018): Triton College

Charlie Schau (2022): Madison Area Technical College

Jeremy Scheck (2011): Clemson / Illinois

Brian Schlitter (2004): College of Charleston // Phillies (16th Rd)

Luke Schmitt (2017): University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse

Zach Schneider (2010): Webster University

Jason Scholl (2012): Eastern Illinois University

Andrew Schroeder (2020): Rollins College

Mitch Schulewitz (2013): University of Illinois-Chicago

Tyler Schweigert (2010): Eastern Illinois University

James Scott (2022): North Central College

Andrew Sellers (2022): Carleton College

Alec Semersky (2013): University of Chicago

Scott Shaw (2003): University of Illinois // Mets (13th Rd)

Jordan Sheinkop (2013): George Washington University

Brett Shimanovsky (2013): Saint Louis University

Nick Shiu (2021): University of Wisconsin-Osh Kosh

Matt Simon (2012): Rockford College

Evan Skoug (2014) Texas Christian University // White Sox (7th Rd)

D.J. Snelten (2010): University of Minnesota // Padres (30th Rd)

Aaron Snyder (2009): Southern Illinois University

Brad Sorkin (2009): Illinois State University

Wyatt Spector (2012): DePauw University

Daniel Spencer (2018): Denison University

Matthew Spencer (2021): DePauw University

Jack Spicer (2013): Southern Illinois University

Scott Stahoviak (1991): * // Twins (1st Rd)

Tommy Stricklin (2022): Iowa Western Community College

Kevin Sullivan (2008): Illinois Wesleyan

Jake Surane (2020): University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

Michael Szeszol (2014): Concordia University

Ethan Taylor (2020): Concordia University

Tony Tichy (1987): Missouri Southern

Matt Temaner (2017): Monmouth College

Ryan Thrawl (2022): Elmhurst University

Mitch Tielke (2010): Heartland CC

Charlie Tilson (2011): Illinois // Cardinals (2nd Rd)

Josh Tolan (2007): Purdue University

Ed Tolzien (1997): Illinois State University // Angels (18th Rd)

Darwin Townsend (2012): Augustana University

Dar Townsend (--): Illinois State University

J.T. Trimble (2013): Denison Univerity

Benton Troehler (2018): University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

Peter Turelli (2019): University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Paul Turelli (2017): Illinois State University

Chris Uhle (2001): Eastern Illinois University // Astros (31st Rd)

Chad Uhler (2011): Michigan

Michael Vallone (2020): DePauw University

Adam Varrassi (2003): Eastern Illinois

Jake Vogt (2015): Luther College

Matt Vogt (2013): University of Minnesota Duluth

Brian Wabick (2006): Oakton CC // Astros (34th Rd)

Zack Wade (2013): DePauw University

Sean Walker (2003): Michigan State

Chris Walsh (--): Boston University

Connor Walters (2022): University of Wisconsin - Osh Kosh

Adam Walton (2012): University of Illinois // Orioles (20th Rd)

Jordan Walton (2022): Trinity International University

Bryan Ward (--) * // Marlins (20th Rd)

Jay Ward (2018): Bowling Green State University

Brady Wells (2021): Western Illinois University

C.J. Weik (2022): University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Tanner Witt (2009): Kansas State

Joey Wizceb (2022): McHenry County College

Andrew Wolcott (2005): Duke University // Diamondbacks (17th Rd)

Graham Wolff (2009): Whittenberg

Peter Wolff (2004): Michigan State University

Roddy Workman (2004): University of Illinois

Adam Worthington (2005): University of Illinois Chicago // Diamondbacks (20th Rd)

Alex Young (2012): Texas Christian University // Diamondbacks (2nd Rd)