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Slammers is proud to be the training home of those who have dedicated themselves to play at the next level. We are composed of players from different communities and backgrounds that strive for the pursuit of excellence at an individual level and as a program. Here are some of those players who have embodied our culture to "Earn It" and have done so by successfully signing onto play for years to come.

"Slammers Training Academy has help me become the player that I am today. Without using the facilities, or taking lessons at Slammers I would not have made it into the Texas Christian University program. If someone were to ask me a facility that I recommend, I would tell them Slammers every time. I have had nothing but good experiences with all of the services provided to me through Slammers. Being from the Midwest, it was a little challenging to get recruited to play for colleges across the country. Over the several years that I have been part of Slammers, the staff has done everything to help me pursue my dream of playing at the collegiate and professional level. Whether it has been making phone calls to colleges, or allowing scouts to come in and watch my lessons I have been given endless support. They have also helped me become a better ballplayer by helping me understand the game, how to go about working to improve my game, and how to handle myself off the field. This has helped me tremendously because as I continue to understand that the success I see on the field is directly from the work I put into developing my skills, and my ability to handle myself in a professional manner while dealing with failure. I have been with Slammers since I moved into town as a kid in elementary school, today I owe a great deal of my success to them. Slammers, and their staff has helped me with every facet of my game, and I will always be thankful for all they have done for me."

EVAN SKOUG (TCU / White Sox - 2017)

"Nothing good comes easy. You have to work and earn it. If you are fortunate enough to be chosen to be a part of this program, it means that someone believed in you. Someone saw something that they liked that caused them to take a chance, that’s an honor that should NOT be disrespected. Being a part of this program means that from day 1, you will be surrounded by the tools and opportunities necessary for you to reach your highest potential. There are thousands of kids who wish they could be in your position. You have a family that is paying money for you to play a game, you have a skill set good enough to be a part of the Slammers program, and you have a set of people who dedicate their lives to try and make you better. If you show anything but the highest respect to this incredible opportunity you’ve been given, then go home because you really do not belong here. How does one show respect? My best advice to you is to watch and listen. You will be surrounded by some of the best minds in the game. Listen to your coaches, show them respect. Don’t listen to the numbers or teammates who think they’re too talented to work. My exit velo has yet to touch 90 and my 60-yard dash has never been officially below 7 seconds. It was hard, but I didn’t let those numbers affect me. I listened to the coaches and embodied the culture that this program creates. Work and play hard. The hard truth is that there will come a day when you’ll wish you could wake up for a morning lift, or wish you could jog between those white lines just one last time. Yes, there will come a day when your time has run out and you’re finished. So play every time like it is your last. Get dirty, sweat, dive, take a ball off your chest, bruise, bleed. Being flashy, wearing the latest evoshield sleeve and having a clean uniform means absolute nothing. You’re in this program now, it’s time to lace 'em up and get to work. Because when it all comes together and you’re sitting at a table signing your letter of intent with some of your best friends, all those hours are more than worth it. Good luck and #earnit"

JACK HOUSINGER (Xavier University)

"Slammers has been a big part of my life. I dedicated years to getting better and the people and environment at Slammers pushed me to be better every day. From off-season to in-season workouts, to traveling every weekend to get exposure and see good competition, Slammers has taught me what it takes to be successful in this game. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance and encouragement of the people pushing me every day and really making me earn it. I always had talent, but didn’t know how to use it coming into high school. From pitching coach, to trainers, to summer coaches, Slammers has fine tuned me into the player I am today and I will always be grateful for that. One of the most important things I have learned from the “Earn It” culture and environment at Slammers is to never be satisfied. The second you are satisfied is the second your game will start to slip. I am thankful for the experiences I had on the field, off the field, in the weight room, and with a great group of guys these past few years. Slammers helps everyone take their game to the next level and they will make you work for it, but the most fun I have ever had is being a part of this program."

RILEY GOWENS (University of Illinois)

"I started playing Slammers baseball years ago. Every year we would set goals during the fall on what we need to improve on to get to the next level. My main goal was to be committed to one of the top colleges in the nation by my junior or senior year. From there my work ethic changed. Slammers had all the resources I could ask for. The weight room, the cages were always available. The coaches and trainers were always available to help you with what you needed. It was up to you to put in the work. The culture "earn it" at Slammers to me means that you earn what you work for. I knew I had to separate myself from the other players at Slammers, because it was always a competition. Who was going to throw harder? Who was going to run the fastest? Who was going to hit the most bombs? The extra work I put in on my own time, is what separates me from other players. If you want to play at the next level, being good is not enough. Slammers played a huge part in my success over the past years, the knowledge they have with all aspects of the game have that helped me get to the next level."

STEVEN SANCHEZ (University of Arkansas)

“I can confidently say I would not be where I am today without the Slammers Program, the organization and individuals within it are first class. The culture here is unbelievable, the best players in the area all working to “Earn It” and be their very best. If you buy into what this program preaches you will achieve great things, like the many alumni of the program have. You won’t find a program that better develops, and truly cares about their players. Not only has this program helped me reach my athletic goals. I’ve also built relationships here that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am incredibly thankful and proud to be a part of Slammers.”

RYAN PATEL (St. Louis University)

“Slammers has greatly aided in my baseball development. They give players every opportunity to get better. This eliminates all excuses and your success comes down to the amount of work you put in. Seeing my teammates putting in extra work always motivates me to do the same.”

ANDREW GOUGH (Middlebury College)